MF 240 Xtra | 35 kW           • Powerful, high torque, reliable engines • Efficient Centre Shift Transmissions with logical and progressive gear sequence • Simple PTO System provides excellent power tr

MF 1840 Baler        Straightforward Baling The MF 1840 small rectangular baler employs a ‘center-line’ design in which the crop flows through the machine in a straight line – working like a mini large squa

MF WR 9800 | Windrowers        Quality Hay and Grain Harvesting Starts Here The latest generation of Massey Ferguson WR 9800 Series self-propelled windrowers. They bring the industry’s most sophisticated technology

MF 100 Planters        No-Till Planters No-Till Mounted Planters The MF 100 and MF 100 LO planters are tough, three-point mounted machines for use on small to medium sized farms. These planters ensure accurate fertilis

MF 900 Loader              High-performance loaders This industry-leading range of high-performance loaders is perfectly matched to Massey Ferguson tractors. Engineered and manufactured to world-class stand

RoGator 1100 & 1300 | 337 – 370 HP  These easy-to-run RoGators have the superior power, reliability and technology to live up to your expectations in all conditions. As the industry benchmark for control and accuracy, these RoGat

Technology – Taking things to a new level  Telemetry / AgCommand™ The machine’s position is determined by Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), with data being collected from its Controller Area Network (CANBUS) and GPS re

DAM SCOOPS MECHANICAL DAM SCOOPS Ruggedly constructed for rough terrain usage Levelling lands, fields and roads, levelling of slopes and contours, repairing water damaged gravel roads, cleaning out farm dams and useful in construction area

CULTIVATORS INTER ROW CULTIVATOR WITH FERTILIZER BINS   This series of Inter Row Cultivators can be mounted from the tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three-point linkage system Cultivators available in different

RIPPERS STRAIGHT & CURVED TINE RIPPERS / SUB SOILERS 620 SERIES The primary soil tillage machine is mounted on the tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three-point linkage system, for easy transportation The mounting to

MF Fixed Disc Ploughs Hard-wearing and durable Massey Ferguson offers farmers a good quality range of hard-wearing fixed 2-4 disc ploughs. The perfect complement to MF tractors from 35 to 115hp, each MF fixed disc plough is equipped with qu

OFFSETS TRAILED AOFHL SERIES (LIGHT DUTY) - 50 KG / DISC The Light Duty type Offset Disc Harrow is a trailed type on two wheels This light duty Offset is available in a range of sizes from 18-24 discs with a working depth of 125-150mm

GRADERS SK GRADER SERIES (MECHANICAL) THREE-POINT LINKAGE BPI grader blades are mounted to tractors by a three-point linkage system Grader blades can be used in various applications for example: making gravel roads, land levelling, opening

LAND ROLLER Land Roller is ideal for levelling out and compacting the soil surface layers. Land rollers come in different models that is tractor drawn and mounted on the universal three-point linkage The heavier the land roller, the more th

STALK CHOPPER Stalk Chopper rollers chops harvested residue, making the plant residue smaller and more manageable Ploughs do not block up and the residue is buried easier in the soil and turned into organic compost. The unique design of the

MF Trailer and Transport Boxes Robust, heavy-duty frame Massey Ferguson offers a heavy-duty range of agricultural trailers and a transport box. For all your haulage needs, Massey Ferguson’s single and double axle trailers and mounted tipp

SPREADERS ZEUS ZEUS 16M3 MULTI-PURPOSE SPREADER The Zeus Spreader is more economical, multi-purpose and can upgrade for your spreading needs The 16m³ bin capacity saves time by reducing frequent refilling intervals The Zeus Spr

MOWERS DISC MOWER BPI 5-DRUM DISC MOWER / CONDITIONER The BPI 5-Drum Disc Mower is available with conditioner and is constructed using steel and the best gear components Cutting discs and blades are easily accessible to reveal the inn

RAKES HAY RAKES The Hay Rakes vary from the “S-4” wheel straight line for the smaller farmer, the “V-12” series for the commercial farmers and contractors, and the 9 Arm Power Rotary Rake The range of Hay Rakes enab

CROP SPRAYERS MOUNTED 400LT-10M / 600LT-12M & 1000LT-14M This mounted type 400, 600 and 1 000Lt Boom Sprayer is used to drive the pump for multi-purpose plant protection Sprayers come fitted with T-Jet or conical nozzles on booms

HAMMER MILLS M500 MOBILE HAMMER MILL The M500 range Hammer Mill is the smallest unit, with a capacity of up to 300kg per hour, depending on sieve size This small machine is ideal for milling for a few animals, or for human consumption, wit

HARVESTERS 170 THRESHING MACHINE Available in a trailed model, grader blades are mounted to the drawbar of the tractor These grader blades can be used in various applications: making gravel roads, land levelling, opening and filling ditche

BACKHOE LW SERIES TRACTOR MOUNTED BACKHOE This 1.7m Backhoe has a maximum digging depth and loading height of 1.7m. The loading reach is 2.7m, and the stabiliser spread in the down position is 1.85m The bucket cylinder digging force is 1 1

MF Disc Harrows     Perfect fit for MF Tractors Massey Ferguson offers a comprehensive range of top quality disc harrows from mounted, to tandem and trailed. Each model has a heavy-duty frame, hydraulic transport and depth con

WALK BEHIND TRACTOR BPI WALK BEHIND TRACTOR SHAKTIL 13 DI The BPI Shaktil 13 DI is an all-terrain and multi-purpose 2 wheel Walk Behind Tractor 2 Wheel, Walk Behind Tractor can be used to accomplish many different tasks on the farm using t

DIGGER PTO DRIVEN POST HOLE DIGGER Post Hole Diggers are ideal for a wide variety of applications like fencing, tree plantations and vegetable tunnels. Auger sizes can be decided as per the required hole size The digging is done at a quick

MOUNTED LOADER TRACTOR MOUNTED FRONT - END LOADER The BPI Front-End Loader available for nearly every tractor, large or small, new or old. The long list of standard features includes greater dump and rollback angles, enhanced visibility an

POTATO LIFTER OPS SERIES POTATO LIFTER The BPI OPS Potato Lifter is sturdy, durable, has high-capacity harvesting and gentle handling of crops This is the choice for small to medium size potato farmers The BPI OPS series Potato Lifter ha

CRANES AAPSTERT LIFT CRANE Mounted on the tractor's 3-point linkage system Lifting capacity of 750kg Lifting height of 3m CRANES HEAVY DUTY LIFT CRANE Mounted on the tractor's 3-point linkage system Lifting cap

Cutterpack CT Series The CUTTERPACK CT is a Detachable Packer, composed of two rows of self-cleaning Cutter Discs The Cutter Discs cut crop residue, lumps, and cover crop residue while levelling the surface so that the field is ready for sowi

Ferti-Box FB Series Ferti-Box FB is designed to place the fertilizer directly into the soil profile The Ferti-Box is attached to the tractor using a 3-point cat. III and IV hitch The hopper is equipped with a separate frame to which one of

Presspack PT Series PRESSPACK PT is a detachable packer composed of 2 rows of steel rings, which are designed for the sowing preparation of heavy soil types. The sharp edges around the rings effectively crush the clods in the toughest soils and le