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  • The BPI OPS Potato Lifter is sturdy, durable, has high-capacity harvesting and gentle handling of crops
  • This is the choice for small to medium size potato farmers
  • The BPI OPS series Potato Lifter has easy handling, ideal for the harvesting of small and large areas.
  • The slope of the digging- and second web is easily adjustable.
  • The sieving is utilised optimally and the potatoes are being placed harm free at the back of the machine
  • Two models: the OPS1 tractor three-point mounted single row Potato Lifter and the single row Potato Lifter
  • This machine can harvest in a single row and has a double sieving action. The OPS1 can harvest up to 25cm depth in harsh and soft soil conditions
  • It has a uniquely designed mechanism which enables the potato tubers to be sieved in harsh, soft and normal soil conditions
  • Potato tubers pass through a two differential double sieving mechanism which cleans the tubers from the soil and put them on top of the sieved soil in order to assist with easy collection, the OPS2 can harvest up to 25cm depth, by means of segmented harvesting blades, in harsh and soft soil conditions.