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  • The BPI Front-End Loader available for nearly every tractor, large or small, new or old.
  • The long list of standard features includes greater dump and rollback angles, enhanced visibility and servicing convenience, more breakout force and easy tool switching
  • Custom colours are available to match all tractor brands
  • Mounting kits minimises stress on the tractor frame
  • The majority of mounting kits include support bars to the rear axle and full-length left- and right-side rails that are connected by under slung cross members
  • Torsion tubes join the arms of the Front-End Loader to provide extra strength
  • The pin and bushing assembly include a grease cavity for continued lubrication during use and all pivot points which features replaceable bushing.
  • hydraulic coupling points are standard, this allows the operator to attach other hydraulic attachments with ease.
  • Cradles with bale fork, timber grab and pallet fork attachments are available for the BPI Front-End Loader models.