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400LT-10M / 600LT-12M & 1000LT-14M

  • This mounted type 400, 600 and 1 000Lt Boom Sprayer is used to drive the pump for multi-purpose plant protection
  • Sprayers come fitted with T-Jet or conical nozzles on booms
  • Spraying is essential after planting to control weeds, insects and diseases which can affect the health of plants like: wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, canola, cotton, sunflower and all vegetables crops etc.
  • Boom Sprayers are ideal for plant protection applications such as herbicide, pesticide, fungicide etc.
  • Extra hoses and spray guns can be fitted as optional extras.
  • Extra hoses allows for spraying trees, specific problem areas and fire-fighting
  • The booms of the Sprayers are manufactured with different sizes from lengths of 10m, 12m and 14m
  • The booms are either mechanical as standard, or hydraulic lifting as an optional system.
  • Polyethylene tanks are standard on all Boom Sprayers
  • Outer wing breakaway returns to spraying position if in contact with an obstruction
  • Compact design and fold for narrow transport width and height, along with standard wheels on the bottom of the main frame for easy storage
  • Powder coated or galvanised frames and booms are available which gives the machine rust free boom sprayer
  • Suction hose with filter to fill the tank with ease from any water source like a river, dam, and reservoir
  • Powder coated or galvanised.


  • The pump is PTO driven and acts as a multi-purpose plant protection system
  • These Sprayers are designed to spray all kinds of crops to protect the crop against herbicides and pesticides, by means of standard T-Jet or conical nozzles on a boom
  • Most herbicides and pesticide crop protection chemicals can be applied and therefore eliminating weeds and pests effectively.
  • A clean water hand washing tank is a standard feature in the Trailed Boom Sprayer which protects the operator of congesting harmful chemicals
  • The hydraulic operated mechanism allows the operator to raise and lower the booms from the tractor’s seat
  • This Trailed Boom Sprayer is fitted with a four-way valve station that can manipulate the flow of spray
  • The operator can increase or decrease the liquid flow and pressure depending on the chemical sprayed
  • Boom Sprayers are the optimum for plant protection
  • The booms are connected to the hydraulic lifting mechanism that is levelled from two sides, delivering equal levels of chemicals to the planted crop accurately and evenly at all times
  • The fixed double spring tension system enables it to rest automatically when an obstruction is encountered resulting in the booms falling back into line.