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  • The Hay Rakes vary from the “S-4” wheel straight line for the smaller farmer, the “V-12” series for the commercial farmers and contractors, and the 9 Arm Power Rotary Rake
  • The range of Hay Rakes enables you to carry out all operations gathering and aerating after mowing, which will ease the baling process and maximise yield
  • All the machines have compact sizes and easy handling which allows for operating in all areas.
  • These machines are available in a three-point hitch or trailed models, swivel or fixed ground wheels.
  • High quality materials ensure a long lasting working life with low maintenance
  • The wheels are fitted with 40 x 7mm spring tines (more durable and do not bend as easily)
  • The independently spring-loaded finger wheels also follow the contours of difficult terrain.
  • These machines are ideal for small to medium sized farms and are suitable for all kinds of forage
  • Can handle simple and difficult terrain and from flat land to hilly and inclined terrain.

    BPI V-8, V-10 & V-12 SERIES

  • The V-8, V-10 or V-12 is aimed at the farmer of a more commercial machine
  • The V-series with 8, 10 and 12 ground wheels - available with 40 x 7mm spring tines on each wheel -for medium to large sized areas, including any uneven fields
  • All finger wheels are spring-loaded which allows each finger wheel to adapt to the ground
  • The windrow width is easily adjustable using the cranks on the last two finger wheels on the machine
  • The centre wheels are positioned to uplift the material that has been compacted by the tractors wheels and fed to the side rows
  • The Rakes included in this series have an adjustable working width.
  • The frame is very flexible and robust with a fixed draw bar in the back.