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Cutterpack CT Series

  • The CUTTERPACK CT is a Detachable Packer, composed of two rows of self-cleaning Cutter Discs
  • The Cutter Discs cut crop residue, lumps, and cover crop residue while levelling the surface so that the field is ready for sowing
  • Equipped with a telescopic drawbar, which significantly reduces the transport length.
  • Mulcher MO, MZ, MM Series

  • BEDNAR Rotary Cutters are available as single-rotor MO, triple rotor MZ and five-rotor MM cutters
  • All types are equipped with four blades on a rotor with a large amount of protective and safety components including zinc coating, ironing, strengthening of the top rotor section, rotor casing and a free-wheel clutch or friction coupling
  • All of these ensure quality labour harsh conditions
  • If the bottom part is continuously exposed to stone missiles, it can be damaged
  • Bottom section has ironing that enables the operator to safely work the machine in the most difficult of conditions for an extended period of time.