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  • Available in a trailed model, grader blades are mounted to the drawbar of the tractor
  • These grader blades can be used in various applications: making gravel roads, land levelling, opening and filling ditches, dirt race tracks and landscaping
  • Other possible applications include the distribution of topsoil and gravel
  • The weight advantage allows for making gravel roads and the position of the blade can be adjusted to 9 different angles of grading
  • Two size models are available (3.0m and 3.6m) and all blades are produced from special steel to prevent corrosion and breaking.


  • The 175 model Trailed Harvester is available with headers for harvesting maize, soya beans, sorghum and sunflower
  • The 175 Combine has a unique intake and cleaning
  • The main rotor with threshing beaters, enclosed by sieves, is angled to a specific degree to allow threshed crop to slide down and through the sieve to be collected in the holding hopper
  • The secondary rotor allows more threshing, to remove as much unwanted material as possible
  • The cleaning mechanism has a built in blower system, to blow out chaff, husks and leaves from the threshed crop
  • The working speed of the 175 Trailed Harvesters is 4-8km/h and is able to harvest 4ton/h.
  • The 175 can be fitted with a chaff chute to collect leaves and husks in a trailer to be used as animal feed
  • The machine is known for its high efficiency and has established itself in a leading position in both domestic and international markets.